About us

We are experts in highly qualified personnel

Dear employers,

about-vertragWe have many years of experience in commercial, financial, marketing, and educational sectors, which allows us to provide you with structured and detailed profiles for each and every applicant. In addition, we conduct personal interviews with each applicant to better understand whether he or she meets your requirements, both as a professional and a person. As a result, a full informative CV and our personal Feedback, allow to significantly reduce your time to make decisions and simplify the recruitment process.

Our key advantages as your partner are:

► We recruit competent personnel for you within the shortest time possible.
► We conduct exclusively informative and systematized interview to reveal all important aspects of our applicant, both professional and personal.
► We offer the most attractive terms and conditions for our clients.
► We guarantee high quality of our services.

Dear job applicants,

We offer competent and professional support to every applicant seeking a job. We are at your side every step of the way to your goal. We talk to each applicant in person, advise him/her and help to prepare the necessary documentation.
You can always find our current vacancies on our web page. We will be happy if you find something suitable for you and send us your CV. If you haven’t found a suitable vacancy, please feel free to send us your CV anyway, and we will do our best to find a job for you.