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Do you want to sign up for a consultation? We are pleased to share with you our knowledge and experience.

Please read the following information:

  • We consult on the following topics:
  1. Finding a job in Switzerland.  Work with recruitment agencies and regional / public employment centres.
  2. How to prepare for an Interview. Mistakes that are common in interview.
  3. Test interview. Analysis of the mistakes that may have been made.
  • All our consultations are held online in video format. Consultation takes from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on additional questions.
  • Each consultation costs 145 CHF. There is a BONUS waiting for you!!! – we analyse your CV for FREE!!!

Please do the following to sign up:

  1. Send us an E-Mail to and specify the topic you are interested.
  2. Enter your contact details: name, last name, phone, E-Mail.
  3. Send us your CV in German or English as attachment.

As soon as we receive your E-Mail we will contact you.